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The way how Seungri makes his oppa obsessed with him 

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jiyong didn’t wanna let go of his beloved maknae so seungri jokingly called security :))

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Screencaps from a video included in 2nd Album Making Photobook

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gd kissing seungri’s hand and hugging him lol

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Maknae is mine! I’m not giving him to anyone. (G-Dragon, 2007)

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Seungri’s reaction to Hyuna and Hoya

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[LIVE STREAM] 131122 - MAMA 2013 in Hong Kong


131122 - Friday - 6PM KST

You can live stream in the following sites:

COUNTDOWN timer so you can see how many hours left where you lived.

I will continue to update this post if I find more live streaming sites.

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GRI moment @ OOAK DVD


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